Pro Privacy Guard Frequently Asked Question’s Page (FAQ’s)

Our team at Pro Privacy Guard decided to come up with this page after years of service, when we noticed that our customer care center is always answering the same sets of questions. After browsing through this page if you found out that we not answer your question(s), feel free to email us at [email protected] We will make sure to answer your questions with a smile! One of our friendly and knowledgable technicians will certainly respond!

How to download/install Pro Privacy Guard?

Click on this and click on the “Free Scan” button. The program will begin downloading and automatically begin scanning your computer with the free scan.  Once you see the notification that says “your software is downloading” wait for a few seconds for it to be completed. After downloading, if for some reason the program does not begin scanning automatically, click the program will be right in front of you and you can click the button that says “Find Errors.”

What is the Pro Privacy Guard activation key?

The activation key is the code that allows you to register for your own license of Pro Privacy Guard.  On the home screen of the application you will notice a button that says “Register Now” in the bottom left corner of the program. If you click this button it will allow you to enter your activation key and receive all the benefits of a Pro Privacy Guard license.

I bought Pro Privacy Guard online, where will I find the product activation key?

The product activation key is either in the invoice or in the email that you received when you purchased the product. If you have trouble, email us at support

How do I activate my Pro Privacy Guard product activation key?

Click the Register Now button in the Pro Privacy Guard program. A box will appear requesting that you enter the product activation key.

What should I do if Pro Privacy Guard will not scan my computer?

Pro Privacy Guard may be falsely detected as an unknown or unwanted file by your antivirus software, since it is an unknown file on your system. If you want to proceed with the scan, you may need to deactivate your antivirus software. After that, scan your computer with Pro Privacy Guard. If your computer still won’t scan, then send us an email at [email protected] One of our technicians will promptly reply!

How do I remove Pro Privacy Guard from my computer?

To completely uninstall Pro Privacy Guard, go to the Control Panel of your computer. Then, click Uninstall a Program. Look for Pro Privacy Guard, then click on it. You will then notice the uninstall button. Click it to completely remove Pro Privacy Guard and its components from your computer.

Can the product activation key be used in more than one computer?

We only allow one computer for every activation key.

Why do I sometimes see the same errors on my computer after a just scanned?

Pro Privacy Guard finds and removes all systems and registry errors. However, some programs automatically create the same errors on an ongoing basis. Pro Privacy Guard removes them each time, but cannot prevent them from being recreated.

You will see that the number of repeat errors if very small and unobtrusive. You should also determine which program is creating that error, and whether or not you need that program on your computer.

Do all computers slow down with regular use, as they get older?

Yes. All computers slow down over time- sometimes a very short amount of time! Why? One, because your computer’s memory becomes occupied by unnecessary or duplicate files, as well as necessary files and software. The more space the files occupy, the slower the computer will become. Another reason your computer slows down is that newer programs are not as compatible with the computer’s operating system, forcing the computer to use more of its resources in making the program run.  Finally, and most likely the main cause for a gradual computer slowdown, is that the Windows Registry gets jammed with old information. This old information and corrupted files need to be deleted from time to time to allow your computer to run more smoothly, and also make your computer last longer!

Computers also accumulate unwanted software, like malicious software and data when the user accidentally ends up in an unsecured site. Viruses, cookies, duplicate files and unwanted programs also make the computer’s performance slower than before.

Since all of these things should be deleted from your computer to ensure a better experience, it is important that you have a registry cleaner that is able to clean all the corners of your computer’s system and is also capable of fixing the computer issues. This is what the makers of Pro Privacy Guard intend to do: serve our computer users, to extend their computer’s lives, and prevent additional problems from occurring by allowing regular scans!

Do I really need Windows Registry? How does it help my computer?

Your Windows Registry is dedicated in making the computer work normally despite all the problems it may accumulate over time.  There is so much discussion Windows Registry errors, but in fact a clean and operation Windows Registry is what allows your computer to communicate and run well.  The Windows Registry also holds all the files regarding the details of configuration. It has a list of all the programs that have been installed in your computer, and allows your hardware and applications to communicate with each other. It tries to make your computer function normally despite of the detected errors and issues.

Optimizing the Windows Registry from time to time takes a major weight off your operating system. Ignoring this important cleanup process  will lead to slow startup times, system crashes, constant error messages, and poor performance in general.  Talk about an unpleasant user experience! Sound familiar? Eventually, this can lead to a complete breakdown of your system if corrupted files and error messages are removed on a regular basis. Pro Privacy Guard allows you to schedule regular scans of your computer, for a system that’s always clean and ready for optimal use!

Is Pro Privacy Guard safe for my hard drive, and my Windows Registry?

Pro Privacy Guard is absolutely safe!  When you scan your system, the program automatically creates a backup to your Windows Registry so you don’t need to worry about backing up your Windows Registry on your own.

Sometimes I just want to scan some components of my hard drive, not the entire thing. Can I do that?

Pro Privacy Guard allows you to choose which part of the hard drive you want to scan. As always, if you have trouble customizing your preferences, please email our tech support group at support!

Can I also choose which applications get scanned during a startup scan?

Yes, you can. Go to the Startup Manager menu. There, you can check or uncheck the applications you want to be scanned for every startup scan.

Can I set a regular scanning schedule?

Of course! This is one of the best (and most helpful) features of Pro Privacy Guard. You can customize the time you want your computer to scan regularly. Not only that, once you have Pro Privacy Guard, you will receive software updates to make sure that  your software is working effectively and efficiently.

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